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Operating over 7,500 of corporate and licensed retail centers across the US, Verizon was looking to gain better visibility into the state and appearance of each of those spaces. From a consumers eye, was the look and feel of each location the same?

Exterior of a Verizon Wireless store

The Solution

Leveraging our national team of brand ambassadors, we put together a dedicated team to under cover across each retail store how well the store represented the corporations brand standards and image. From remote locations to major city centers, our teams provided a picture into the brand. Utilizing our ClearThread Project Management Software and developing an aligned survey, we were able to share from a consumers view, how each store represented the brand.

  • Data collected was both qualitative and quantitative for direct and indirect environments to assess physical attributes and compliance in various markets
  • Photos & detailed reporting provided in a variety of formats to best depict the details of each location.
  • Graphic context of exterior and interior elements; captures what the customer sees.
  • Data analyzed was compiled in to a presentable and actionable format.
Interior of clothing retail store

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