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Logistics Management

Tighten Project Timelines While Mitigating Risk With DAVACO’s Supply Chain Expertise

Seeing a new brand initiative through to completion presents many challenges. Without true 360-degree visibility, however, those complications can become roadblocks that bring your project to a standstill.

DAVACO’s industry-leading, turnkey Logistics Management services accelerate program execution while avoiding obstacles and hazards — such as go-backs, project delays, and cost overruns — along the way. Our team utilizes their in-house expertise and strong supplier relationships to ensure that your program elements arrive on-site according to your brand's exact specifications and your enterprise's schedule.

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Materials Procurement & Transportation

Whether tracking and reporting material readiness dates across your entire supplier base, validating material compliance, consolidation and kitting per store, or managing the inbound flow of your owner-supplied items, DAVACO’s in-house Logistics Management team consistently brings speed and high standards of execution to your programs.

  • Supplier Management
  • Purchase Order Compliance
  • Warehouse Management
  • Site-Specific Consolidation
  • “Store in a Box” Solutions
  • Transportation Management
  • Just-in-Time Deliveries
  • Line-Item Visibility
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Logistics Management Project

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Focus On The Most Critical Aspect Of Your Brand Initiatives

Let us show you how our innovative, program-specific logistics solutions can help you safeguard your brand's reputation and prevent the stunting of your business’ growth.

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